In the Wake of Tragedy

As I heard the news of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary; as a parent and Para-educator I felt  sharp pain of sadness to my core.

This was a difficult news to fathom for myself and my colleagues as well as students I work with because school is supposed to be the safe haven for children not a place of for violence.

Through out this past weekend I dreaded going to work because I could not shake the images of a  gruesome sight of my first graders taking the place of those who were just killed a few days earlier. Although I will never know what it must have felt for those who were directly in the line of fire that day but I do have an idea of responsibility that those teachers and staff felt when at that moment of the unthinkable they were to put their lives on the line to save the innocent children they cared and loved so much.

Monday came and went with many questions from my students and I must answer the unthinkable question: A student says, “Am I safe Ms. Z? Is this going to happen to me? “ The list of questions go on and on while holding back tears my self because I am the adult trying to remain calm while  answering them as truthfully as possible.

Its been a difficult time for Americans and around the world but we will overcome it as we did with past tragedies like 9/11 ,Columbine, Arizona  shooting. It is a comfort to know that the human spirit is so resilient, as nation we must help those of such tragedy to heal but make a pact to  never forget of those 26 beautiful souls lost that fateful day in December.   

God Needed an Angel in Heaven
God needed an angel in heaven
to stand at the Savior’s feet;
His choice must be the rarest
a lily pure and sweet.
He gazed upon the mighty throng
then stopped and picked the best,
our child was His chosen one
with Jesus they are now at rest.

I selected this prayer a true testament of the relationship between students and their teachers. As educators we look at our students as little angels while students surely can look to us being their guardian angels. Angels in life and now in heaven I am taking solace in knowing they are now watching over us.




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