Happy Thanksgiving- A Tribute to a Love One

What I’m most grateful for this Thanksgiving is my family and the memories of my late grandfather, Clyde. As I prepare for the festivities I turned to look at my grandfather’s picture rightfully hung on my refrigerator making his infamous turkey gravy as we celebrated a past Thanksgiving at our home.

As I am sure for all of you, my loyal readers you most certainly have your favorite memories that most likely were of those who are no longer with you. This very day, I felt my grandfather’s  presence as my husband  worked his magic in the kitchen.  I saw the mannerisms appear in my husbands effort as he cut the potatoes using the very knife that my grandfather used to prepare for his feast. Call this coincidence but the power of faith can help us through even the most sorrowful times in which today is most bitter-sweet for me, the first Thanksgiving without my father figure has proved to be a difficult one!

Reflecting on that moment in the kitchen with my husband and my grandfather’s spirit I am truly grateful to have my family particularly my husband to comfort me, although, Grandpa Clyde will be missed but it is these moments where we feel his spirit alive that will give us to courage to enjoy holidays left to come.

I like to say that I’m thinking of those who failed victim Hurricane Sandy and with them and their families. As well as the first responders and those who have lost their lives are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving- A Tribute to a Love One

  1. This is very beautiful and touching!! My father passed in 2011 and the holidays have been so hard for me, now that my dad is in spirit. I know his spirit is with us and he’s happy, but, I still miss him dearly. Your story touched my heart. Bless you. Brenda

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