Embracing the Vision for America: Election 2012

By A. Zych (An Independent Voice Piece)
America’s voice has been heard, the vision for the country is clear. We are a country that is moving forward to a more socialistic country. Is this bad or good? In my opinion, I have decided this vision resonates with my perception of what the country needs to be so I am embracing the results of this election.

I voted for this vision and am not afraid to admit it! I am an independent and often do not conform to any party but this year the democratic party was clearly on my side when it came to the issues that were the most important to me: healthcare, jobs, and economy.
Furthermore, the administration’s policies have started to turn the tide for a positive recovery such as the lower unemployment rates.  In the past several weeks, I’ve have done some pieces on Medicare, How to Be an Inform Voter, The Myth of the Number and the Affordable Care Act. It was through this exploration that I was able to determine what key issues that held heavy on my heart!

Now I am just hoping that both political parties can work together so that the Senate and House can pass a budget so that we can escape the fiscal cliff and that the parties can embrace policies that will promote the health of our country in all aspects such as taxes, revenue and spending.

Making a decision to vote was extremely important to me and when I voted my conscience I did not have any regrets because my votes express my core beliefs in which promotes family, humanitarian efforts and civil liberties that are important to all Americans and what our framers intended this country to be.


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