Election 2012 : Making a clear choice for America

Election 2012

(An Independent Voice Piece) By A. Zych

Just a few days away American’s will be heading to the booth to make the most important decision in the nation’s history. A decision that will surely change our foundation to the core. The candidates having two decisive path’s : a more socialist view to a free-enterprise approach.

How can Americans make the right decision? It all depends on your core beliefs are you one that believes in a more socialistic perspective? For instance, the phrase comes to mind, “Fair share” which we often heard from both President Obama and Vice President Biden on the campaign trails. This is often a main component of socialism, that the wealthy should pay more in taxes so that the government can provide more programs to those who are in need for some help.

An example of such programs often called entitlements Medicaid or Food Stamps. Furthermore, in this kind of society the government often runs healthcare, public works and charge of education. The government also shapes policies that promote for the ‘ For The Greater Good’ an utilitarian perspective such as environmental issues like global change.

Many countries have adopted components like that of socialism like Sweden and Norway have been successful in taking care of their citizens. Furthermore there are some countries have adopted both free-market and socialism such as the Canada and United Kingdom. So the major question you should ask your self how do you see the progress of these countries and their handling of entitlements and the public sector as well as their polices towards the private sector?

How is this choice for a president going to affect the success of America, “ ..the one indispensible nation.” President Obama referenced as what our nation’s role should be in the world.
It is clear, the path that we are on is one of the clearest vision that embodies many elements of a socialist country. President Obama’s vision is more about the working class families and making life easier by lowering their taxes and helping small business owners prosper. How does socialism play a role in the President’s vision is the bigger question to be answered. The major fallacy in a socialistic society can be the lessen drive to do better for self, instead there can be a dependency on government to take care of all your needs in which no economy could sustain such dependency look at Greece and Italy.

*** Point to be made there is a difference between communism and socialism. According to Wise Geek, “ Under communism, all people are considered equal and are provided for equally, regardless of their contributions to the economy or to society.” (1.) Whereas socialism is more about the economy and the roles that social classes have to play in the welfare of fellow citizens.

So what about Candidate Governor Romney’s approach free-market or capitalism? Do you believe if you work hard, blood, sweat and tears and that you should not be penalized (taxes or fair share) for being successful? Then, the governor may be the best choice for you.

Romney’s vision is clear with the major focus on the economy and jobs by bringing down tax rates, lowering deductions and exemptions in which will promote job growth and more tax revenue through consumer spending.

“The term free market economy primarily means a system where the buyers and sellers are solely responsible for the choices they make.” (2.) This approach can have some fallacy in which there can be less regulation on industries that need to be regulated. Furthermore, some industries could take advantage by putting the citizens at risk of failure. Look at what happen in 2008 with the banking debacle. ( The fault of both political parties!)

So the real issue here is what candidate can provide a balance of both free-market and socialism? As I have said there are some countries that embody both philosophy’s ironically I believe that we are close to this balance more today then in the past decade or so. We must choose a president that will maintain a balance that will preserve the American Dream but be progressive concerning the issues of today; such as economy , domestics and foreign policy as well as social.

As I have said in past posts it is up to us, American’s to be well-informed when we go to the booth on November 6th for the most historical vote. My main point here is we must vote our conscience.

Happy Voting!

1. Wise Geek http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-difference-between-socialism-and-communism.htm
2. Economy Watch http://www.economywatch.com/market-economy/free-market-economy.htm

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