My Little Girl is growing up…

Happy Halloween

Where does the time go? As a mother of a pre-teen I am painfully realizing that my little girl my sweet little Becca is no longer a little girl. This year for Halloween she is not dressing up as a vet for the hundredth time but instead she is going out to a church function for middle school age children with her Best Friend , K.K. for a night of watching scary movies.

K.K. and Becca before their night of spooky fun!

In fact she is a young lady who wants more independence by way of earning her own income to purchase items she longs for and save for her future. A few days ago she decided to watch the Suze Orman’s Halloween special about money in particular saving for the future. A light bulb moment for both of us as we sat together watching the upbeat but humbling show that one day she wants to go to Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Serving as a reminder, Orman’s infamous quote, “ We never had it rough as kids have had it today…look at the price of a gallon of gas or a piece of real estate or a college education.”

So together after the show we sat together figuring out her budget with college in mind. Starting this Friday she will set aside half of her allowance for a savings designated for her costs related to college such as books, board, and tuition as well as future transportation. As logical mother well aware that her dad and I will need to assist her in funding for her education but if we are prepared Becca will walk away from her future educational experience with little to no debt and a world-class art education that will make her top contender in a very competitive world.

                                   Becca and I Halloween 2009
So as I sat here tonight alone observing my the lit up Jack O-Lantern as awaited for the Trick-or-Treater’s so I can admire their costumes and so they can get their treat. Ironically my only child is having a more grown up time with her BFF without me and most likely watching a scarier movie than Disney’s ‘Hocus Pocus’( in which she outgrew) I am feeling a little pang in my heart!

As the night goes on, I am feeling much better because I am realizing she still needs guidance and support but in a more grown up way. To make her mistakes with our being there to catch her when she falls but most importantly to learn the lessons of life so that her future will be brighter.  Happy Halloween!

Suze Orman Show:


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