Mission Organization: Scrapbook and Crafts

Looks can be deceiving…it is a mess.

The inevitable has arrived my mission to get organize before we make the move to our small space is to downsize my hobby stuff. Yes, I said it I am going to get rid of the stuff that I no longer use, dust off and let my trash be another’s treasure.
A great obstacle, for some reason my family thinks my house is a storage unit I say this because my mother-in-law and her family as well as immediate family and friends have taken the liberty to store their albums and collection in my hobby/computer room. The big move on the horizon, I will no longer have such as room so I must get my family and friends together on an expedition of purging and organizing fun!

Lot’s of old pictures…this is going to be organizing fun!

So below are some of the goals to be met so I can finally get with the sign of the times.

1. Purge Pictures
2. Organize by family and then categorized by albums. ( I will have 4-6 albums designated according to family surnames, Rebecca’s memories as well as my wedding and family)
3. Put together pictures /albums to be given back to family and friends.
4. Then start my digital collection with a goal in mind of doing my first Shutterfly book this spring.
5. The new and wrapped Creative Memories scrapbook collection will go on the auction block of EBay.
6. The left over Creative Memory collection will either sell at our spring garage sale or donate to school/church.

8 Boxes of Crafting Jewels and Beads

Next on the agenda are the crafting items left to me by my mother-in-law and her sister which happens to be my husband’s grandmother’s collection of various beads and decorative jewels that can be made into Christmas ornaments or items like book marks to simple jewelry like bracelets to earrings.

A little sentimental, so not sure what I want to do about this yet! There are only a few boxes so it is possible I can take it with me to our new oasis. If anyone has other ideas they are welcomed!

So when this great task is completed I will post some pictures of the after albums and organized tote with the collection I kept. Happy organizing and have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Mission Organization: Scrapbook and Crafts

  1. Good luck! You can do it. Sounds like you have a plan to get it done. Just don’t go down memory lane while in the process. Set a timer to help you focus on one task at a time. Can you show the bead storage specifics? Hard to think of a suggestion b/c we can’t see how much and what you have.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I will take some more pics as I go into the process. I am sure that with family members involve I will find a home for this collection. In fact the plan is to have Christmass ornament making party. Thanks so much for your input and I will post as soon as we are done.

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