The Great Outdoors- On a Budget

By A.Zych

Our annual fall trip this year had to modified to fit our budget ($30.00) of course our twelve-year-old was a little bummed when we told her we were not going away on our usual tip for the weekend up in Duluth like many years before. We assured her we would take a Sunday drive in a quest to find the Autumn Rainbow we all enjoy so much at this time of the year. So we packed up the car and a basket filled with goodies to eat and of course our camera as a way to preserve our great adventure!


On a rural road North East of our home in a county call Aitkin.

As we drove I was wondering about our future which happens to be very unpredictable as of now. Are we going to save enough money to buy land close enough to our family and friends? What kind of home were going to live in? So many questions left unanswered. Until we came upon a few homes that appeared to be a simpler in fashion which happens to be our a main ingredient of our future homestead. 

A simple stick garage with living quarters or  below pictured a path of Minnesotans who chose instead to build the pole shed first and then live in a well-maintained travel trailer. Reminds me of a clan I know, American Family Now.

Inspired and in a great mood my family continued onto gravel roads and came upon a beautiful crystal clear lake with some beautiful Maples, Birch, Poppy and Sumac, an Autumn Rainbow.

Autumn Rainbow reflecting in a lake…

Crimson Maple pops out…

So by the end we all could agree that this Sunday drive was a success we learned that it does not  take much money to have fun. That we can live within the means of our budget enjoyed each other and the environment around us.

Our Daisy who was in heaven enjoyed the smells of the autumn air!


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