Staying on track…

Authored by A.Zych

Just a quick post to update those of you who are wondering where we are on our quest to downsize and live a simpler life.

American Family Now search for the Tack Tiny House

We are in the early stages of foreclosure and bankruptcy. Staying on track has become a challenge for us of lately I say this because we are no where close to getting what we want in our savings because of the unexpected emergencies like our car breaking down and the costs of legal fees have put a dent in our checkbook.

What is that saying, “Don’t let your heart be troubled!” Sean Hannity. So that is just what we are doing we are taking it all in strides. This week is the first one in which we can put more than a 100 dollars in our savings. That is a good feeling. Now that I am back at work at the school the plan is to save more than half of our income.
So with a light at the end of our tunnel we can move forward and start planning for our garage sale and auction so we can be ready to move in late spring.

To keep us motivated I’ve put together a binder of our future plans of owning our small home and the steps that will help us to achieve this. In fact collected many inspiring stories of others who have gone through just what we are going through now. For instance, American Family Now and The Tack House featured on Tiny House Blog.

We will look forward to the future because we know great things will come!


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