Labor Day Trip :Wildlife Science Center

Authored by A. Zych

As you all already know our family is trying to live a simple life, in fact this year instead of going the state fair which is a fun tradition for our family but often can put a dent in your pocket book we opted to break this tradition for a simple adventure that not only was inexpensive but very informative as well. In fact we enjoyed it so much that we are recommending this experience to everyone we know.

Please read our daughter’s message called “Visiting The Wildlife Science Center” on her blog known as Pets Are Family Too.

I want to make an emphasis on the center’s mission to educate the public of the importance of cohabitating, conserving resources and most importantly to never remove these majestic animals from wild to domesticate them. Sadly, for this reason most of these animals in this center have been rescued because of being left behind in horrible conditions simply because the owner could no longer handle these helpless souls. The center is wonderful for the fact that their tours and classes they provide for all ages such as field trips for school age children , camps for the scouts and programs for graduate students in college. The experience gives a sense of enrichment for both the staff and patrons.

Please follow the Wildlife Science Center on the following social networks to help support their cause.


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