Mission Organization: A pre-teen’s room….

Authored by A. Zych

One of the many tasks in our goal of downsizing our family is purging our physical stuff from clothes to knickknacks will surely be an emotional task for us all. Especially if some of our stuff is sentimental.

Therefore my job as a mother is to prepare my daughter, Becca for this challenge. We will start with three things in mind: Do I need it? What is the meaning to me? How will I make room for it in my next living space? In addition to these three questions we will sort the purged items by labeling garbage/recycle, charity and garage sale. Finally making a deal with Becca that she can keep half of her earnings to buy something special and the other half goes into her savings.

So in the next two weeks we will be on a mission to get organized posting before and after videos of her oasis.

Becca’s Room : Before


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