Sacrificing+ Downsizing = Big Reward

Authored by A.Zych

The reality sets in as you all know that my family is downsizing every aspect of our lives; from shelter to clothing we are making big sacrifices. Recently served with papers for a sheriff sale on our home and the result of this legal action we need to be out of our home by late winter or early spring of 2013. With this in mind we called our good friend and asked if he would be willing to give us a tour of our new living space.

We live in rural Minnesota with 7 acres; 1,980 square foot home with attached two car garage and a huge shop. Therefore this means we have a lot of stuff; tractors, motor parts and other miscellaneous stuff that my ‘Auction Hunter’ husband has acquired in the 12 years we occupied our rural oasis.

After receiving the tour of the 700 square foot living quarters, the reality of our stuff fitting into this space is not going to happen. We put together a list of what needs to be done so we can make this transition to living small as well as sacrifices we each need to make keeping in mind our sanity and essentials for living a comfortable life.

Here is the plan to our downsizing mission:

  1. Have Garage Sale
  2. DO EBAY OR CRAIGS LIST@ Auction for items that we are unable to sell at the moving sale
  3. Give items unable to sell to Goodwill or other charitable agencies

Always a concern is the welfare of our twelve year old daughter. When asking what she thinks will be the sacrifices she’ll have to make when we do move she replied, “Space, Clothes and Privacy.”   Taking this moment in our lives to teach our daughter about the importance of living within your means instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses’ is the most important part of our mission.

I’ll keep reminding my daughter that most of her elements in her life will be without change like getting together with her friends and being able to participate in school and other activities reinforcing the idea that we are sacrificing as a family will be worth the ‘Big Reward’, which is freedom we will acquired when we will finally own a home with little to no mortgage.

I will keep updates on our journey and will share with you trials and tribulations that come our way while we are on the journey to live a simple life!


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