Happy Fourth of July

Authored by A.Zych

Inspired by the beautiful drive with my family today that started out with a simple craving an American’s popular treat to cool us off in the record heat of the mid-west, an ice cream from Dairy Queen. Ironically became an impromptu road trip that lasted over two and half hours a majestic sight on the rural roads of central Minnesota.

Gazing at symbols of America from red barns to green tractors, old homes with nature adorned landscape with beautiful trees and long grass swaying in warm breeze. My daughter admiring the marvelous landmarks like mills and abandoned train tracks with a covered bridge as a reminder of yesterday, the simplest of times.

During this expedition I asked my twelve year old daughter what does the Fourth of July mean to her?  She responded swiftly, “Good times with family and friends.”

So this got me thinking what the significance of this holiday is and what did it really mean to those who first celebrated this spectacular day.  As we all know this is the day that commemorated the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  But in reality it was not adopted until August 2, 1776 however the day will always be celebrated on July 4th.

What did the document declared for the first citizens of America?  Declared its legal separation from Great Britain it served as a cornerstone for Americans to be entitled to their God given rights by nature. This meant that no government could infringe on the people’s rights and also limited the powers of government through this Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. (The Future of Freedom of Foundation, “The Real Meaning of Fourth of July.”)

Ironically, with recent news that the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act that has been debated by the media and other critics and proponents  as a possibility of infringement on our rights  via a tax penalty for not buying insurance.  In contrast, of this conversation it is great to know that we live in a country in which we can openly debate our differences in relation to the pressing issues of today.

Therefore, it does not matter if you are a proponent or critic of the health care act, we as a Nation must remain strong and true to our convictions and make the government accountable when the government over steps and impose their power because this affects all American’s individual rights. Therefore in the upcoming November elections we as citizens can make our voices heard by making the elected officials accountable for their actions by sending the message that our Framers intended this country to be, a Nation of free and limited government.


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