Affordable Care Act (An Independent Voice Piece)

By A. Zych

Bitter-sweet moment…Obamacare ruling.

Glued to the television set on that faithful day of June 28th the day that will ever change the relationship between government and its citizens.  Although most Americans agree that we need to reform our health care but so many disagree on how to achieve this goal.

The highest court of the land decided yesterday to uphold the Affordable Care Act constitutional by striking the mandate down and calling it tax so that the government could impose penalties on those who decide not to go into the system by forgoing health care insurance.

This is a polarizing issue with our political parties and their constituents. This is the reality of America we are so diverse and free that many people have different opinions on the issue of their healthcare and the delivery of it. Some say it is right to have health care while others say it is a choice.

I say yesterday was a bittersweet moment for me…I say this because I am one of those who could benefit from portions of the infamous Obamacare, for instance no discrimination against pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, with our daughter having been a micro preemie she has chronic lung disease, asthma and allergies. As a result, of high costs COBRA we have been unable to consistently keep insurance therefore we have been denied payment by insurance companies because of our lapse of coverage.

The moment when it becomes sour is the realization of the penalty of the bill may take the choice away of just saving for our daughters medications during my husband’s layoff and pay the penalty of the law which could be just as much if not more than the COBRA, so does this Affordable Care Act provide the relief we needed? It looks a little sketchy to me.

So many of you may ask why we don’t find another job with benefits. Here is our back-story, my husband has been with his company for a decade he had his retirement and has moved up the ladder he actually has some job security which is often hard to find in this economy. I have been with the local school district for 8 school years it offers me flexibility to be home with our daughter and or provide the care and support with regards to her health issues. Both employees offer health care benefits at a big costs. My district can provide health care for my family but with each pay period I would have to cut a check to them. (Believe me I have thought about doing just that!)And with my husband’s job healthcare coverage is reasonable during season but during his layoff it is not affordable.

To answer the questions to getting a new job with our current economy it is hard to find a part-time job let alone a fulltime job with benefits especially in our rural area of Minnesota. I wish it was that simple!

It will be interesting in the next days and weeks as more will be revealed about the Affordable Care Act. Hopefully answers to our questions about how affordable will t be to the average citizen and most importantly will the act provide quality health care.

How do you think this will impact the election in November? Is it good for President Obama or candidate Mitt Romney?The outcome of Ron Paul and his base?

Next week a discussion about the current economy and a story of my family’s quest to downsize…


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